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My Joyous Return

**So in case you are wondering, I am still alive. Due to the lack of wifi for a few months and some other hectic events, my posts have been nonexistent. Happily, I am back and running better than ever. Woohoo!! 
In the months that I have been unable to explain my explorations to you all, I will be brief and say things have been cray to the z. As many of you may already know, (or maybe you don’t and I’m just guessing you do) I have moved back to my hometown in Tennessee for a few months while my husband is being shipped off to distant lands. As much as it sucks that I had to say goodbye after being married for only a few months, it has been so good to see my beloved peeps in good ole’ Tennessee! A lot has changed here and in many ways, it’s been hard knowing I have missed so. much. Even though it may not seem like that huge of a deal, I hate seeing all these new beginnings that I wasn’t able to be a part of. I guess I expected everyone else's life to pause while I was gone but it re…

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